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About Us

Real Estate Agents &

Colorado Springs Property Managers

We are a team of Colorado Springs property managers and real estate agents that have a passion for bringing a different experience to the world of property management. Through our years in this industry, we have come to realize that there are certain values and methods that make a vast difference in both the tenant and landlord experience.  

We’ve boiled down those values to the following:

  • Treat others (including tenants) the way you would want to be treated
  • Spend some extra time up front to avoid bigger problems down the road
  • A little preventative maintenance can save you thousands of dollars
  • Getting the right tenant in your property in the first place is paramount to success
  • Keeping that good tenant comes from taking care of issues as soon as they arrive
  • Don’t pay an expensive contractor to come do something you can do yourself

Our Selection Process

We are selective about our tenants and our owners. We value tenants that will care for the home and owners that will care for the tenants.

We have learned that caring for the rental home properly will create less hassle, less frustration, less expense and happier clients all around. 

But we understand that cash flow is ultimately the only thing that will keep our owners “in business”. That’s why we’re also selective about the maintenance process. Anything we can possibly handle within our team (which is most everything!), we do. That brings considerable savings to our owners and allows us to have a periodic check-up on your property. 

Both Tammy and Ralph have been in real estate and property management in Colorado Springs for years. They bring a highly personalized experience to Property Management, yet they have the ability to quickly and efficiently handle a high volume of properties because of well-established systems and support.

They’ve set out to accomplish the nigh impossible – make both owners and tenants happy. So far, they’re doing a pretty good job!